Welcome - Why us?
Free taster session

3 terms per year - 40 per 10 week term for first year,
then 50 per term thereafter (5 per session)
or...drop in for 7 per session

The Cranleigh Community Choir has been running since January 2006 and is a well-established, friendly choir.  For examples of the sorts of things we sing, click here .

There are NO auditions; you DON'T have to be able to read music but you DO need to be able to sing  in tune and have good musical timing;

We cover practically every musical genre so: pop, jazz, soul and r'n'b, rock, bluegrass and new country, folk and classical and we sing songs that are currently in the charts as well as songs from previous decades - it's a great mixture!

We do original arrangements of songs and I always try to ensure that the music is in keys that are comfortable for the choir (being a trained professional singer & singing teacher means that the health and wellbeing of the singers in the choir is very important to me!)

We sing purely for enjoyment - and for the fun, high standard performances we give in front of regular sold-out audiences in a proper theatre - we don't do any competitions;

I try to choose great music that's exciting, moving and entertaining - something that we're complimented on regularly by our audiences (and which I'm regularly complimented on by singers in the choir);

As a singing teacher, I'm able to give advice on vocal technique during rehearsals, but some of the singers also choose to come to me for individual lessons and sometimes I run a vocal workshop for the choir (but only if they ask for one!);

The parts are all learned by ear, but all the parts are recorded so that everyone can  practise between rehearsals;

We do two great concerts per year - one at Christmas and one in the summer at Cranleigh Arts Centre's theatre with a paying audience.  As we are not a gigging choir, we work on a large amount of repertoire during the year, which is very stimulating and exciting for the choir.

We DON'T do any movements to the songs we sing, except for one song at Christmas that our audiences now expect us to roll out each year(!) and very, very occasionally the odd movement (like clapping) if it's appropriate for the song!

There's a really great relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the choir, as a result of which some really good friendships have started there, which is lovely to see - so come along and see if you like us!

New members are always welcome
(except just before concert dates!)


A fun, welcoming community choir based in Cranleigh, Surrey
led by Sharon Duggan Singer, Singing Teacher, Vocal and Performance Coach,
Choral Director, Artist Manager Tel: 01483 271469; Email: info@sharonduggan.co.uk
January 2006 - January 2016 - it's our 10 year anniversary this year!