Testimonials from the Choir
"I love singing with the Cranleigh Community Choir.  Sharon's song choices are excellent, some are quite easy, and some can be challenging; resulting in 2 wonderful concerts a year.  I would recommend this choir to anyone who enjoys singing and good company."  N Raper

"To be a member of the Cranleigh Community Choir gives me an opportunity to sing with a happy, informal, friendly group of people.  I enjoy our Thursday rehearsals very much and Sharon is a great teacher.  I encourage people to join!"
C Lomas

"I was searching online for an experienced, talented and accomplished singing teacher and was fortunate enough to find Sharon Duggan - with the added bonus of her running the community choir in Cranleigh.  I decided to join.  This is my first choir and so far it has been a fantastic experience.  Sharon not only makes it a lot of fun, she is palpably passionate about the music and nurtures us enthusiastically so that we can achieve the best performance."
A Little

"I love being in the Cranleigh Community Choir.  The people and atmosphere are very welcoming and we have good fun learning some great songs.  Before joining the choir I never had the confidence to sing in front of anyone let alone in a concert and now I have numerous performances under my belt!  Thanks for all you do Sharon!" 
L Templeton

"If you enjoy singing, can carry a tune, and have been thinking about joining a local choir, then Cranleigh Community Choir is the one for you!  Don't worry, you don't have to be able to read music, just need to be able to listen, and follow Sharon's instructions.  She is an excellent teacher, very professional and good fun too.  We sing a wide range of musical styles, and you'll be impressed with the results.  It's always fun, and something I look forward to each week."
Y Harrison

"The choir is great fun with friendly people, directed by an enthusiastic and encouraging choral director!  My Thursdays wouldn't be the same without it".  A Miller

Sharon leads a really good choir session - great music, lively company, always entertaining - I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a local group to sing with.  the choir has a real community feel and is also a great way to meet other locals.  And the singing advice is second to none!"  R Brown

led by Sharon Duggan Singer, Singing Teacher, Vocal and Performance Coach,
Choral Director, Artist Manager Tel: 01483 271469; Email: info@sharonduggan.co.uk

A fun, welcoming community choir based in Cranleigh, Surrey